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WIP RP SYSTEM Character Post Board

Post by Virgina on Fri Feb 03, 2012 2:44 am

This is reserved to post player characters to be used in Undying Phenomenon.
I will make a character sheet for you if you ask! Just tell me about your character and I will fill in the most appropriate things for it. Or, just tell me what play style you like. PM ME OR WRITE HERE.

Character Sheets are now available! Get them here! (Bigger version here.)

These characters will most likely now be in the Undying phenomenon adventure. I just though it'd be nice to see examples of completed sheets my the author:

Virgina here is designed with stealth in mind. I spend all her Omega Points on [sneaking], so she'll have little problems performing [hide] and the auto-crit. giving {Sneak Attack}.

Her Rouge Familiar Trait gives her a stable [Sanity] (compared to other Familiars) but suffers from a smaller Mana Pool and a penalty in Mag DEF (because she loses -5 [Concentrate Aether], which gives (-1) to Mag DEF and her mana pool, along with the (-2) to mana pool).

Zorrillo has defense in mind. Being a Dreg automatically gives him a high DEF, so I spent most of his starting crowns buying (+3) to Mag DEF. Notice I wrote his equipment off as "Moxie". You can use this if you want a character that doesn't like to dress-up (like most Dregs). Keep in mind that gameplay wise, they're still considered equipment.

The rascal has [Access Instinct] in mind as well. This is an [aside] move that grants the user extra DEF points until the start of its next course extra (+1) in DEF for every multiple of 5 in Dodge. In exchange, the user negates his natural ATK mod that turn. with the perk Evasive Action, Zorrillo can keep half of his natural ATK, giving him some reach if he chooses to attack in his turn.

If you have any questions (or would like help making your character), please ask!

A REMINDER: for my Undying Phenomenon game, I will allow redistribution of omega points if some choices show to be less useful or if you change your mind. Don't be afraid! This is untested after all!
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Re: WIP RP SYSTEM Character Post Board

Post by Rusty on Wed Feb 08, 2012 4:14 am

(I love how Zorrillo is wiggling his arms. Ready for a fight!)

*Bleat bleat!*
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Tinctus - The Sneaky Brute

Post by Tlaetiaf on Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:58 pm

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Re: WIP RP SYSTEM Character Post Board

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