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~~ Intolerance

"I despise those stuck-up hoarders of things."
"Are you talking about Familiars? Mind your manners. I'm expecting Fern today."
"Manners?! Most of them don't even care about us! Pretending to live beyond the ages. They're disgusting!"
"Most, as you say. Only some should be avoided. Others, are won with respect."

The morning was frugal for most, even for the weather. The gentle rain drops hit the leaves and the grassy ground as if it was made of soft cotton. The Sun, shinning out of the white clouds, allowed a dim rainbow to gleam in the sky.
Two mice stood inside their hollow tree, basking in confort surrounded by soft silk and leafs. Both were Uplifts, and although almost equal in appearance, both were very unlike in behavior. One looked outside angrily, while the other patiently read a small book, that was thrice in size, but that didn't halt her.

"But I hate them." he shouted, skewing the silence.
"Hate, is too crude of a word. So is despise and loathing." chastized his sister, with utter calm, still reading the book.
"What can I call them then?"
"By their name. Or not at all."

~~ Envy

The raven was bickering leftovers as if it hadn't eaten a meal in days. It'd be normal for such a creature to do, but he took a silent and great pleasure in doing so to a live and concious victim. It's beak ripped flesh from the vole's back, while it wept in pain, unable to sink in the deep sleep he so claimed for.

"Please..." he said, with ghastly breaths amongst his desperate pleading. "Please, heed me... I... I...help..."

He had tried to talk with the raven before, but to no avail. It's pain was his true pleasure, not the flesh.
The raven stopped.

"Your words are the dessert; your pain my meal; your flesh is nothing but the dinnerware. But your thoughts... your last thoughts... those are my true delight! The peak of my epicurean pleasure! Yet you hold them. Hold to yourself like the selfish critter you are." the raven hopped in front of the vole's head.

The floor was cold. A cold stone set in ancient times by humans, as a stronghold of sorts. A deep underground stronghold. The vole thought he'd hit true fortune with the location, but instead of preparing an exploration party, he indeed was selfish, and adventured on his own.
He looked up at the raven once more, trying to see if he could hold his wits this time. Half feathers and flesh, half dark grey bones, clean of every organic tissue, held together by a strange green aura. Veils came out of his open eye socket and ribs, following to the tip of the phalanges, drawing a wing in shiny green where there was none. In the feathers that were left, several incrusted glowing arcane runes clearly marked him as a Familar. Or in this case, as a Fallen.
His wits didn't hold much longer. He started to cry again, his muscles spasming in useless effort.

Once more, in silence, the raven started to peck him again, wounding him once more and slowly drilling a new hole with each motion.





~~ Soothing day

"I had fun today!" said graciously the lively red fox.
"Something we could plan again I hope?" answered Frost Tail, with his usual bright mood.
"Of course! But I best be going, as I feel angry eyes upon me! Ahahah!" and with hops, it retreated into the wilderness.

Frost Tail looked at where the fox had discreetly pointed to. It was a surprise to him. Not because someone was there, but for whom it was.

"Another of your friends?" scolded Tlaetiaf as she was approaching, actually trying to be amenable. And trying hard.
"I met her during the festivities. A bright and young girl." answered Frost Tail with a smile, in his usual self.
"Yes... a lot of new faces set paw in the village. Vary from the most ignoble to the most vain." Frost Tail knew her too well. He had a clear idea of where this was heading.
"Tlaetiaf, my my... I'm only looking for pleasant acquaintances. But, if I didn't know better, I'd say you suddenly became jealous." he knew this little peedle would roll a whole mountain on the conversation. Why did he do it then?
"Je- JEALOUS?! WHY..." her anger was expelled from every possible physical expression. Was she any particular creature other than an ermine, probably a keen scent would follow. "Fine. Fine! I will not roll down this step with your quip. Perhaps I did sound too uncouth with my unjustified reproach. My most sincere pardons. I'll leave you with your own affairs. As for myself, I will return to your daughter. I promissed her we'd go gather special berries." her speech was quick and nimble, as the good rhetorician she was. Frost Tail didn't even need to answer her, for she already departed back from where she came.

The reason was obvious. Despite his bright mood, Frost Tail simply didn't want to have this conversation now. Not today. Not in this way at least. He turned around and took off, remembering the joy of today.

~~ Wild one

He ran through grass and snow leaving no trace of his path.
He was a big boy now, experienced and cautious. With ease, he magically molded the grass and snow in his path by sheer force of will. There was one problem though. He didn't know the way back.
Up in a tree, a bird hailed him.
He was a big boy, experienced and clumsy. But what could possibly a bird be of interest to a wolverine?
Still, he hailed back. The bird was pleased and jumping from the tree, he flew above him. Slowly, the path he followed was marked by frozen phantoms of himself, allowing him to go back.
He was a big boy, inexperienced and clumsy. So much yet to learn.

~~ Rule of Might

"I don't care what you say, I'm not going in there!"
"You forget. I am bigger, I am stronger and I can eat you. And you can what? Grow grass?"
Silently, the Familiar abode to the Dreg and entered the cave, bringing back the beer it so desired.
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Post on Fri Jul 27, 2012 3:25 pm by Fern

Ohh are we allowed to comment? um well doing it anyways. These reminded me of aesop's fables xD also gives me ideas of how to shorten my own

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Post on Fri Jul 27, 2012 5:08 pm by Tlaetiaf

I was wondering why I couldn't comment back... wasn't logged in.

I'm glad you can comment back!
Aesop, really? Sweet xD

Glad it helped you as well. I'm eager to read them :)

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