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Post by Ice Paw on Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:58 am

Ice Paw stretched out gently on her bed of assorted pillows, as the first light of the rising sun drifted into her window. Blinking against the morning sun, she rolled over and scrunched up her back, and then out to her tail, before rising to all fours. Her little nook of a room, filled with books, and trinkets slowly becoming brighter, she trotted her way out into the den, after throwing on her skirt and mantle.

She looked about, aware that her father Frost Tail would not be in, for some time, she found breakfast already made and sitting on the counter. Thinking over how to spend the day, she absent-mindedly chewed the bacon left behind.

Outside the faintest droplets of rain began to patter in the still bright sun. "A sunshower, how appropriate." she mused to herself.

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